The 7 Connections to Happiness and Harmony – Decision Making Made Easy Using Yoga’s 7 Chakras 

This book offers readers a powerful model for decision making that is not only intuitive but also enjoyable. The 7 Connections introduces the ancient 4,000 year-old chakra system from India for use in facing modern-life decisions. The 7 chakras is a spiritually based energy system that is an integral aspect of yoga teachings. Each chakra corresponds to unique patterns of thoughts, feelings and behavioral tendencies.

As a marketing consultant and keen observer of human behavior, Desai converts this traditionally niche topic into a guide that is accessible and easy to understand for all readers.

Sneak Peak at the 7 Chakras
The Root Chakra detects fear and guides us to safety.
The Second Chakra focuses on excitement, change and enjoyment of sensory pleasure.
The Third Chakra helps to shape our self-identity, values and place in the world.
The Heart Chakra is the seat of our emotions allowing us to love and feel a deep connection to truth.
The Fifth Chakra guides our creativity and self-expression.
The Sixth Chakra focuses on logical, rational thinking as well as intuition.
The Crown Chakra (while in spiritual practice is associated with highest levels of enlightenment) has traces into daily life for people in seeking greater meaning and purpose.

What people are saying…

“Desai’s work is well written and honest. While reading the book, one can’t help but feel more connected to oneself. The mind-body connection and principles behind the chakras are well articulated. An interesting read!”

“This easy-to-use guide will help readers achieve more success and fulfillment in their personal as well as professional lives by bringing yoga out of the studio and into the boardroom.”

“I was impressed with the presentation, which included insets, quotes, questions for he reader to ponder, chapter summaries and amusing cartoons appropriate to each chakra. I enjoyed reading this book, and I think that you will too.This is a book to be worked with, and not simply read. It is a valuable resource for those that wish to make better decisions, in less time, with less stress.”

“An easy read, flows well, is clear, and very well thought out! I even love the cartoons and images!”

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