About Shirley Desai & Team

About Shirley Desai & Team

Shirley Desai is an innovative marketing and brand consultant and an avid participant in the arts; a writer, filmmaker and musician. She is the author of  7 Connections to Happiness and Harmony, Decision Making Made Easy with Yoga’s 7 Chakras. Currently, she has taken the yogic Chakra framework and applied to an innovate way of creating emotional connections to company’s brands and marketing strategies.  Previously, she worked as a Marketing Campaigns for Intel Corporation and directed the messaging for multi-million dollar campaigns.  As Marketing Director for Remoba, a cellular phone applications company, she accepted the “Best Business Application” Award on behalf of the company.  Shirley has also worked in various entrepreneurial efforts after writing her book. However after the Pandemic, Shirley decided to resume her study of the chakras and help companies build better brands. 

In addition to her consulting work, she is working on a children’s adventure story series centered around  Christmas   As a filmmaker, she is beginning her journey after identifying a powerful manuscript which is in the process of being made into a film.   She is an accomplished violinist and has been a member of the Peninsula Symphony, a San Francisco Bay Area local orchestra. She has a Bachelors and MBA from  Indiana University, Kelley School of Business.

Dr. Mary Jean Koontz is a global market research expert, who has conducted 100s of projects for multinational and domestic firms. Her expertise and training are in qualitative research, focusing on executive interviews, focus groups and competitive intelligence. Dr. Koontz has lived in Japan and speaks Japanese. She holds a Doctorate, Business Administration, Masters International Business from the University of South Carolina and B.S., Foreign Service from Georgetown University. In her early career she worked as a lobbyist in DC, an environmental consultant in Los Angeles and as CEO of a STEMKIDS LLC, a National Science Foundation funded ed-tech company.

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