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“Desai’s work is well written and honest. While reading the book, one can’t help but feel more connected to oneself.  The mind-body connection and principles behind the chakras are well articulated.  An interesting read!”

“An easy read, flows well, is clear, and very well thought out! I even love the cartoons and images…”

“This easy-to-use guide will help readers achieve more success and fulfillment in their personal as well as professional lives by bringing yoga out of the studio and into the boardroom.”

Learn about your remarkable, inner power through the Seven Chakras

Emotional Brands – And the 7 Connections

7 Chakra Messaging

I have encountered many companies who have asked the question – how can I create an emotional brand? The simple answer of course is to offer impeccable service and you have a customer for life. But there is more to the story. The solution, I realized has to do with connecting to the natural and native energy that customers have and to create a brand that embodies certain emotional elements. Through the principles of yoga, I discovered the 7 Chakras and the chakras embody a powerful system to help us create really powerful brand experiences.

Each chakra corresponds to a specific energy center. Which in simple terms means a set of thoughts and emotions. There are 7 major chakras.

-Root Chakra – Focused on Safety and Security
-Second Chakra- Sensory Pleasure
-Third Chakra- Ego and self identity
-Fourth Chakra –The Hearth Chakra** The wholly grail of marketing
-Fifth Chakra – Creativity and Self Expression
-Sixth Chakra- Analysis and Intuition
-Seventh Chakra- Higher Purpose and Spirituality

When we think about marketing, the goal is to really create a powerful chakra connection with customers with one or more chakras. But to also ensure that there are no blockages. When one or more of the chakras is blocked or where there is a negative emotion, then this prevents a customer from seeing all the good that lies in the brand.

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