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Divine Rules of Reciprocity

The perception in today’s world is that everything is finite. There is a finite number of hours in a day, there is a finite amount of money in the world, etc.. The average person approaches life and decision making with this basic premise. When we believe that everything is finite, the types of decisions we make can be less creative, less optimistic and lead to more corruption.

I believe that the way the universe works is in a much more grandiose way. I believe that the universe is unlimited. I believe that resources are abundant and unlimited and anything is possible and everything is changeable. While it may take time and sufficient power for things to happen, I really look at the world as a place of infinite possibilities.

Because I believe that the universe is infinite, I feel that the higher order rules in which the universe operates are the fairest rules imaginable. I believe in this great principle of reciprocity and optimal synergy. As we work in concert with higher principles of love and selflessness, all participants end up achieving the maximum benefit.

The harsh reality we must also face is that there is no equality amongst people. Each person comes into this world with a different set of skills, opportunities and advantages. Some may seem to have more psychic abilities or just a more lucky hand at the black jack table. Some of these individuals may have incredible power to think a thought and have it manifest.

So there is certainly more to the story of what makes a person successful. but one thing for certain is that if a person reaches out to their concept of god with the right ethics and emotion, help is sure to come.

Most people do not have sufficient power on their own to invoke miracles. But the divine can always send one child to help another child. That is reciprocity and that is symmetry.

But in very simple terms, when the actual source that gives the bounty is infinite, we should also embrace this idea that we too are infinite. We are capable of giving more that expands our hearts and our minds and our intellect. And over time, the material life of all persons can also shift with this open expansive view. Mathematically this means that the more we give, the more we can receive. Because when we are tapped into infinite possibilities, we have an infinite bank of resources to draw upon.

hence 1+1 can equal 11 !

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