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The Enigma Behind Shyness

In life, many would probably say that I am outgoing and upbeat in most of my interactions. But interestingly, I also hold this great capacity of shyness which I have tried to shake over the years. Some have misunderstood my shyness as a form of coldness and lack of caring. Because sometimes if a person doesn’t show expression, one can assume that the emotion really isn’t there. But more times than not, as I have seen other shy people I have learned that the shy person simply has too much emotion.

Everyone is probably shy with different people and in different situations. For me, my shyness seemed to be strongest with people who I recognize at the soul level. Somehow, the soul just knows things that the mind and body cannot process. Many of my close friends today are those that I felt an immediate soul connection to or with.

When we meet a person, there can be that soul to soul connection that goes way beyond today’s present life circumstances and traces back many lifetimes. When that connection at the soul to soul level is made, it can lead to an instant friendship. And in my case, the greater the soul connection the greater the shyness and also sometimes more vulnerability and coldness.

In the hindu mythology, there is a goddess radha who is always shy. I always asked myself “why is Radha shy?” I don’t exactly know the full answer to Radha’s shyness but I think she she just knows too much. When there is great truth, there can be no deeper expression than shyness.

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