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My 10 Year Transformation

During the past day or so, I started thinking about the past 10 years of my life. It was about ten years ago that I embarked on a path of intense transformation. Without going into great length about the process and background (which i may write a book on someday), I can say that it was a very tough 10 years where I had to evaluate a lot of negative thoughts in my life and clear them. In some ways it was a pretty awful time where certain opportunities felt taken away and I felt a total loss of confidence and control. But without even realizing it, I overcame every difficulty and rebuilt myself one brick at a time. Today I am a much stronger person. If I look at before and after, here is how I changed in the past 10 years.

• Ten Years ago, I defined myself in relation to my career. Today I define myself as someone who is far bigger than any career.

• Ten Years ago, I held fears that prevented me from tackling difficult challenges. Today I’m totally fearless, courageous and positive.

• Ten Years ago, I lacked confidence in my ideas and needed validation from others for my ideas. Today, I trust the power of my ideas and am more focused on executing them so others can see the power too.

• Ten Years ago, I ignored my inner, intuitive voice. I was also less alert or perceptive to the needs of others. Today, I am very connected to my inner voice and to the needs of others.

• Ten Years ago, I was not happy and held sadness. Today, l feel great bliss and I want to bring this bliss to others around me.

• Ten years ago I was someone who did not believe in god. Today, I am reliant on god to help me in all areas of life. My spirituality gives rich meaning to life.

• Ten Years ago, I was less empowered in life. I felt there were certain things I was not good at or not suited to do. Today, I feel that I can do anything that my heart feels enough passion for – without restriction. I have great confidence in the divine. Because I know anything is possible.

• Ten Years ago, I was not as passionate or compassionate a person as I am today. Today, my deepest desire is to lead a life that is filled with great love and passion. I also have a desire to help the very poor.

Over the past ten years, I went through a great deal of inner transformation. At the time, it felt like an endless cycle of disappointment that did not have any rhyme or reason. But then one day I shortened this cycle when I started asking myself the most important question – what is the purpose behind this struggle? Each person has their own journey in life and so each person’s purpose is different. And the purpose for my struggle was to learn how to overcome great negativity through even greater positivity. And the difficult phase I went through was not a random occurrence of bad luck. It was more like a carefully manicured, but also disguised path – to take me from a place of inner darkness to a bright, white meadow. I was never alone in my transformation.I was well supported by love and friendship throughout.

I do believe that transformation is an ongoing process. It’s this continual progress and improvement within our self that makes life great….I think I’m just getting started!!!

Blessings, Shirley Desai

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