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Being a Warrior for a 100% Healthy Life

I was recently having a discussion with a close friend about the various steps and processes I had taken to overcome an illness. I had tried all forms of science, from the most quantifiable form, which is allopathic to other forms of science such as ayurveda and traditional chinese medicine. I fell in love with all of these sciences. All of these forms of medicine worked to a certain extent. But none of these branches of medicine worked completely. What did work was digging deeper to understand illness at its root cause.

One of the quotes that I really appreciate from Albert Einstein is “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” There is so much understanding behind the words of Albert Einstein. I think one reason he says this is that a problem and its cause have entirely different vibrations.

I believe that all diseases and all problems in life originate as thoughts. Emotional thoughts vibrate at a higher level than physical objects. Many of our thoughts would have accrued over lifetimes. Even and especially in the cases of genetic illnesses, these are actually thoughts that have become so powerful that they have mysteriously seeped into the dna of a family. (As our individual dna is connected to our ancestor’s dna). We can also attract illnesses of those who are not related to us by blood. For example we may admire our role models so much that we start to attract their thoughts and their illnesses and even their body type. When we attract another’s thoughts, their thoughts can enter our own energy system. And then, eventually, once a thought takes hold in our energy it can ultimately get converted into a 3 dimensional reality that impacts and dangers our body.

Therefore I believe that the ultimate form of preventative medicine is preventing negative thoughts from taking root. I believe we must be a total warrior and prevent illness from taking root in our thoughts and in our bodies.

One must deeply assert and demand the universe to disallow any disease to enter the body. We must affirm that “I am healthy and that no disease is going to touch my body.” Also when others that are close to you fall ill, it’s important to not assume that you are next in line and that somehow it is in your destiny to also fall into the same fate. When others around you are falling ill, that is precisely the time when you need to strengthen your resolve even deeper.

The second aspect of being a great warrior is to have the agility and flexibility to act in the best way possible to prevent and fight off disease in the body. Following a proper diet, exercising and managing stress are key ingredients in preventing illness. There is also a great divine power behind modern science to blast away or eradicate terrible diseases that have made their way into our bodies. Western medicine has a one-pointed focus on eliminating and treating the disease. The system has an element for fear associated with it that helps keep us honest and vigilant about seeking treatment. However, the weakness of western medicine is that aspects of the treatment can be scary making us more susceptible to illness. And sometimes, the side-effects can set off additional fears.

Embracing medical treatment with a completely courageous attitude will stimulate and strengthen the healing process. And with medical treatment, there is another level of resolve and courage needed. And that is the resolve that shields you from attracting side effects or problems. The key rests in directing the universe through your thoughts.

There are times in life where we may be forced to make tough decisions as it relates to medical care and medical treatments. And so there is never one right answer for everyone. The answer is to choose the course that feels right that you can stand behind with great resolve. And then, whatever you do, let go of the reigns a little and trust the divine to guide you through the difficult journey.

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