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My Tribute to Love

On today’s very heightened day of Venus energy, I want to share my thoughts on the most important subject – love.

The world is a complicated place and we can make a choice in how we perceive and interact in this world. We can see that the world is negative and a bad place. Or we can see that the world is filled with profound beauty, joy and love. In my case, I see both utter perfection and imperfection. I also see the potential that exists within all people. We are all beautiful sparks of light with infinite intelligence and infinite capacity to create whatever we want. But this basic understanding is hidden away from us. We are left with this idea that we are these very limited beings. We look to other people and outer successes to nourish our inner thirst for happiness.

One interesting concept that resonates with me is that of a microcosm and macrocosm. My microcosm is my own personal universe of thinking and emotion. The macrosom is the outer reflection of my inner world.

It’s easy to understand that if we want changes made in our outer world, then we need to look within and make changes to our own microcosm. When we shift on the inside towards a feeling of greater love, joy and empowerment, this gets projected in our outer world.

Our microcosm grows through love and genuine friendships. In many ways, I do feel like the wealthiest person alive with the great friends that I have. One of the closest is my husband. And I remember one of the very first conversations we shared. After that conversation, I deeply sensed that he was going to be one of my best friends in life. Something shifted in my small universe. There was a profound feeling of comfort, support and understanding and my heart opened up. It took him a little longer to come to the same realization, but fortunately he did! And our universes changed!

In life, the divine can reconnect us to our old friends in many random places. And while our mind may not recognize the pattern of who that person is, on a soul level the recognition is there. We are reconnecting with people we would have known before in some way. We can meet in school, at work, a bookstore, in dreams or in even more random places like a taxi or elevator.

The great opportunity for humanity is learning how to extend love and compassion to all people regardless of who they are. How do we develop love and compassion for those who are nothing like us? How do we develop love for people, who quite frankly, may not like us?

I guess the first step is to desire this capacity to love unconditionally and trust that it is possible. And then watch how one’s microcosm and macrocosm shifts!

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