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“This easy-to-use guide will help readers achieve more success and fulfillment in their personal as well as professional lives by bringing yoga out of the studio and into the boardroom.”

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Albert Einstein & Intuition

Albert Einstein says the famous quote – “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

This quote has always resonated with me. In fact, one of the main reasons I felt compelled to write my first book was because I wanted to learn how to trust my inner voice of intuition. For many years, I relied exclusively on my analytical mind and failed to embrace my intuitive mind. I kept it mentally locked away, because I felt that it was less quantifiable, more flakey and a less intelligent thought process.

But now, I realized that I had the concept completely reversed. It’s not that I needed to validate my intuition through data. Rather, divine intuition comes as a byproduct of incredible amounts of data.

For example, when one is thinking about the number 7, one is connecting to the number on different levels. One is accessing the numerical qualities of 7 (it’s multiplication table, the math rules, it’s relation to other numbers like 6 and 8). The mind is also connecting to the energy that this number represents (lucky 7). The mind may also be connecting to past experiences with the number 7 (I loaned a person $7, I wrote a book on the 7 Chakras, etc..). Therefore, there is actually an extraordinary amount of data that the mind is processing around the number 7. In order to serve up a divinely intuitive analysis of the number 7, the mind is processing all of this data.

As I talk about all these various qualities of the number 7, it can seem a bit scary. Because most of us have biases that can wrongly influence and wrongly taint our intuition. My book discusses emotion across the 7 chakras as way to help people discriminate again irrational fear-based feelings versus higher level, more truth-based feelings.

When I speak of a true intuitive flash, this is coming from a very pure and high plane of vibration that touches our soul. This can be directly felt in the third eye or deep in the heart. And when these insights come, it can feel like a Christmas! The insight, while based on analysis and hard work, has a special magical, gift-like quality to it. And life can suddenly become simpler.

Albert Einstein realized that his great equations came to him from a very pure and high dimension. He knew that his analytical mind, while very strong, was a servant to his intuitive mind. That being said, he also had expressed that he wished his mathematical skills were stronger. I’m assuming that if his math skills were stronger, his analytical mind could be an even better servant to his intuition.

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