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The Energy of Time and Achieving Oneness

The topic of time shakti, or the energy of time, is probably one of the most fascinating topics of study. To realize that no two seconds in the day are the same, no two hours are the same, no two days are of the same energy – should have implications to how we manage our time and live our life.

The way time is thought of today is on a very linear basis as a yardstick for measurement (ie..I am turning 16, I work 40 hours a week, I practice piano 4 hours a day). But by using time as a measuring stick, this can needlessly slow us down. There is a wrong logic that the more time we spend the better. I believe there is a better way to think about this.

I recently realized that my approach to time was wrong when I reflected on my experiences in studying the violin. I started learning the violin as a young child. As I was learning, there was always a part of me that felt that I was never practicing long enough. I had set these very high expectations of practicing 2 hours a day as I was told that many of the successful young musicians practiced as much as 5 hours a day. Ironically, I would be lucky to fit in 5 minutes in a day!

As I look back, I can probably say that I probably accomplished a great deal in that 5 minutes. And so I think I had the wrong goal. The goal should have never been to focus on filling a block of time, but to achieve a state of very high focus in the time I allotted. The highest level of focus is what Pantanjali, the father of Yoga, refers to as achieving a state of oneness.

Achieving oneness means connecting deeply with the object or subject you are working on. I believe that this is not only the most efficient way to get things done but also very satisfying. I think it is a skill that takes effort to cultivate.

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