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“Desai’s work is well written and honest. While reading the book, one can’t help but feel more connected to oneself.  The mind-body connection and principles behind the chakras are well articulated.  An interesting read!”

“An easy read, flows well, is clear, and very well thought out! I even love the cartoons and images…”

“This easy-to-use guide will help readers achieve more success and fulfillment in their personal as well as professional lives by bringing yoga out of the studio and into the boardroom.”

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“Every Second Counts”

If you ever study Sir Richard Branson, it is hard not to be impressed by his incredible self-made successes. From owning a record label-to an airline-to an investment group consisting of more than 400 companies, Branson has an extraordinary ability to create and implement ideas. One aspect of his success may have to do with how he uses his time. In his book, Screw It Let’s Do It, Branson shares his principle that Every Second Counts. His approach is very unusual and probably very difficult for most people. Most of us like to think in terms of larger chunks of time – such as ½ hour to 1 hour increments. And oftentimes, we misuse our time on activities like procrastination, gossip, complaining, web surfing, facebook, gaming, excessive perfectionism, which drain our most valuable currency – time.

I believe that there is something very special about Richard Branson’s approach. It’s not only that he is disciplined in how he uses his time. He goes one step further. I believe Branson is successful in making every second count because he brings tremendous power to every second.

He accomplishes this first by having great clarity and conviction around his goals. This can be very challenging because we can get stuck in life with an utter lack of clarity on how to move forward. When there is not the right clarity, important decisions can drag out for days, weeks and even years. It’s an unfortunate situation when we lack clarity. Because it’s simply not enough to have clarity but we need to have great resolve, passion, and hopefulness to succeed. When our heart is engaged on a very deep level, this brings great power to the work we do. And each second becomes more powerful. For those who are in a state of confusion there may be a purpose for the confusion. This is an important time to ask the divine (or one’s higher intelligence) for help in seeking clarity. One can use the form of the divine that they are most comfortable in talking to. In the Hindu tradition, there is a deity of time, Kala Bhairava (Similar to Kronos in the Greek Tradition) who can help us gain clarity in our minds so we can move forward more quickly. I have found Kala Bhairava to be extremely helpful.

The second aspect of bringing power to every second has to do with our own mind to vibrate at a high level of consciousness. Part of vibrating at a high level is to expand the potential of our minds to develop powers of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. And this can be really strengthened through meditation on quantum sound waves (mantras). But interestingly, all the meditation in the world will not help us if we are negative. And this brings me to another interesting aspect of consciousness. We want to develop such a powerful consciousness that we are able to create and operate in something one can call- a field of infinite possibilities. This is a field within our hearts where anything is possible. This field is a vortex of positivity where we are totally fearless even in the midst of challenge, adversity and uncertainty. When we can operate from a place in our hearts that is very, very, positive, we are operating in this inner field of infinite possibilities. In this field of infinite possibilities, when a thought comes, there is enough power and volition to set the thought in motion.

I do not think it’s an easy or immediate process to operate in this field of infinite possibilities. There is substantial reprogramming we must all do to replace our limited, negative thoughts with positive thoughts. But it is possible if one is determined to do so.

As we bring these two important concepts together 1.) Directing our mind with great clarity, passion & resolve 2.) Strengthening the power of our mind through meditation and positive, courageous thinking – we strengthen the power of each second.

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